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 We, Americans, are at a pivotal moment in our political history, and we must make thoughtful choices about our nation’s future and purpose. In light of our current state, we need to consider how we got here and who led us to this point. As citizens, when we vote, we vote for politicians we think will represent the needs of the people. Yet, the current state of our nation does not reflect the voice of the people, the economic needs of the community, and the values of our time. From this, we need to ask ourselves, do we continue to follow established politicians just because it is easy, yet they are the same who do not hear our voices? Or do we choose a political future by working together

to revolutionize a new type of government? It is our

time to make this change. It is our time to make our

voices loud enough so politicians can hear us resist

the status quo. It is our time to stop standing on

the sidelines while our needs and our values are

ignored so that the establishment can line their

pockets. For the past forty years, the middle

class has experienced stagnant wages or

declining incomes while they watch an

ever-increasing pay gap between the rich and

everyone else in this country. It is our time to stand

up and vote for social equality, livable wages, job

growth, healthcare for all, and a cleaner environment.

With your vote, I will represent our voices, our needs,

and our values by taking on the political and

economic elites.



Nikolus for Congress

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