Nikolus Gianukos is a progressive with a passion for the American people as he identifies with the struggles within the community and the country. His compassion of understanding has come from overcoming hardships within his own life. Nikolus was born in Houston, Texas and was brought up around the United States and the Middle East by a single mother who resiliently fought to raise her family out of poverty. As his mom raised five children, she moved the family around in order to find enough jobs to provide for all of them while she completed her own education. While watching his mother work countless hours, Nikolus quickly understood at a young age what it meant to be poor and the toll it takes on an entire family. As a teenager, he was forced to be an adult at a young age as he faced homelessness and hunger. By the age of 21, he began to establish himself as an overseas educator. During his time in Kuwait, he worked as an English as a Second Language teacher, a contractor for the U.S. military in Iraq in 2003, and an IT technician for an Australian college. Upon returning back to Houston in 2010, he has been a stay at home father while successfully completing his teaching credentials, working in the service industry, and being politically active.



As a father of two beautiful girls, he sees the playing field is not too different from when he was a child. Along with his supportive wife, he is focused on bringing about a political revolution which will support the middle and lower class families.


Political Activism

Since returning to Houston, Nikolus has volunteered to be politically active within his community. From working the voting polls and canvassing for candidates to driving first time voters to the booths and being a Bernie Sanders Texas State delegate, Nikolus has immersed himself in the fight for political equality.



As a father, educator, and community contributor, Nikolus Gianukos understands the struggles felt within the Houston community - especially those working in the service industry and the teaching field. He brings his passion for people as a high school teacher throughout the week and to his fellow colleagues in the service industry on the weekends. As an educator, he knows that investing in the youth of today is the best way to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. As a barista, he knows what his co workers go through each day to provide for their own families. Nikolus is a loving husband and a committed father of two small girls. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History with a minor in Education in 2016.


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It's our voice that needs to be heard and with your support, I will bring the voices of working class and unheard Americans and never the ultra rich. With your support, I will fight against the corruption and partisanship and focus on the issues that matter to Americans and not the billionaire class. It's our time to stand up and fight back. November 2018.  


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